Nothing is as bright as the darkness.
When all you can see for miles is the midnight-black skies of despair, and the pit of the night is shining so bright that its inky darkness floods into your brain.
And now that is all you can see.

Nothing is as loud as silence.
When all you can hear is the complete and utter stillness of the world, so deafening are the voices that wail at your from inside your own head.
And now that is all you can hear.


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you did a great job surviving today. 

i’m proud of you. 

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"Whenever you’re going through a bad day, just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good."


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"Some days I won’t want to talk.
But please stay.
Kiss me.
Make my heart pound so loud it forces me to remember I’m alive.

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At 22 I realised that things had worked out exactly as they were always meant to, and I became who I always was.

At 21, I pretended to be someone I was not to please someone I did not even really know.

At 20 I was crawling through the darkness of my mind that nearly destroyed me at 19.

At 18 I was on top of the world, old enough to crave love, young and naïve enough to think that it would last forever.

At 17 I thought I knew what happiness was.

At 16 I thought it was being top of the class.

At 15 I realised that as a girl people expected certain things of you.

At 14 I thought that as a girl I should probably wear make up and shave my legs because that’s what girls did.

At 13 I realised I was a girl.

At 12 I hated having to wear a bra, and my period was the end of the world.

At 11 I still wanted to be a boy.

At 10 I thought I was a boy.

At 9
7 I looked like a boy.

At 6
3 life was the innocence of childhood, yet to discover, yet to imagine what delights and horrors it had to offer.

At 2
1 I nearly didn’t survive any further in this world.

At 0
the world opened its doors to me.


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You are told to mask yourself in flowers and pastels,
patterns of rosebuds,
and perfumes of the sweetest scents.
Because no one likes a woman whose words make you feel cold to the bone, and who shoots daggers with her eyes.

But as pretty as flowers are, you trample them, steady underfoot as you walk the paths of all the women who fought for you to be where you are today.
Who were chained to the cause,
trampled by horses,
for daring to speak out.

You are told to please men.
Be a lady, and always smile at his advances,
because men do not like women who are not flattered by their every breath.
And heaven forbid if you dare to prefer women.

But being a lady does not mean you have to bow down to the man,
so you replace your smile with the smirk of one who dares to take down the patriarchy with a flick of her hair and a stamp of her boot, holding her girlfriend’s hand.

You are told to dress a certain way
and be a certain size.
But remember,
don’t dress too slutty,
but don’t be too conservative,
but also don’t be too skinny,
but don’t be too fat either.
Be curvaceous,
and have big boobs,
and show them off,
but not too much.

But despite their incessant demands
you wear whatever you want,
for how could you ever go wrong when the robes of a goddess grip to your shoulder blades,
like wings ready to take flight.

You are told you are a bitch,
you are told you are too butch,
you are told you are too feminine,
you are told you are too angry,
you are told you are not a lady.

But you swallow their words whole,
to fuel the angry fire growing in your womb,
ready to face the world and society’s disgusting need to always have a label,
or a stereotype.
And you walk with your head held high, their misogyny aflame around you.

You are told you are a woman.
But you know you are strong.


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"You’re worth it, you know. You can do this. You’re the only person who can save yourself. No one else can make all of this go away, no one else is going to make you into the person you were before. No one’s going to jump into the ocean of your own mind and save you from drowning; you’re going to have to learn how to swim. No one’s going to come running when you feel like you’re going to fall; you’re going to have to find something in yourself you can cling onto. No one can fight this fight for you, so pick up your own armour and get ready to fight your own mind. Let the tears flow freely if you need to, don’t be ashamed of crying. Don’t be afraid to fall down, or break down. But don’t give up. Ever. Fight. Fight through the tears and and come out the other side. You can do this. You are strong enough. You are important enough.
You are enough."

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There’s a pounding in my heart,
there’s a drumming in my brain.
As I give it up to the Gods,
as I slowly go insane.

There’s a tightening in my stomach,
there’s a coldness to my skin.
As I come to the last sorry conclusion,
that this is one battle I will never win.

There’s a desperate attempt to choke back the sobs,
there’s an agonised grimace when I force a smile.
As my thoughts are scribbled down by a stranger,
hidden away in a file.

There’s no place now for normality,
there’s a confusion in my soul.
As I live the life of longing,
as I let the sadness take its toll.


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"There are very few things I regret.
But loving you was one of them."

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Every time the cool linen sheets of my bed touch my naked skin, I remember the softness of your skin and how it melted the hardness of my heart.

Every time I look in the mirror I do not see my own skin and bones, but instead the hollow beneath your collarbone and how you tasted when you breathed my name into my neck.

Every time the wind rustles the leaves of the trees I remember that crisp day last Autumn when we crunched golden leaves underfoot, your hand clasped in mine.

Every time I hear a sad song I remember that time we slow danced at my uncle’s wedding, and the dress you wore that seemed to float off every curve.

Every time I see raindrops on my window I remember how I held you as you choked back sobs when you thought nothing would ever go right for you.

Every time I hear a crisp, pure laugh I remember how your smile lit up your entire face and how I would dream that I would be the one to keep it on your face for evermore.

Every time I think I am over you I remember that you were the best thing that ever happened to me, but I was just a stop gap for you.


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There will be no cool spring breeze that rustles the blossoming treetops,
teasing you with rays of sun and showers of rain.

There will be no bright blazing sun, pulling you from your bed,
hinting at the joy of a summer’s day and the laughter of a thousand souls.

There will be no crunch of auburn leaves, no golden sunsets
and no October promises.

Instead there will be the cold depths of winter and the snows of tomorrow,
warning you that for every summer’s afternoon that flashes past in a heartbeat of love and smiles, there is a winter’s night that lasts a hundred dark hours,
and you know
that nothing
glows so brightly


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ugh so i am really freaking out and i go on holiday tomorrow and it’s ruining it.

basically i was at work yesterday, emptying the bin behind the counter and something like scratched me and i became paranoid it was a needle and freaked out. i searched the bin bag and couldn’t find anything and the chef (such a babe) looked at my arm and told me it was fine, the skin wasn’t broken it was just a scratch.

but yeah i’m freaking out in case it was a needle and i have a huge fear of needles


i need to forget this and enjoy my holiday

it was just a scratch from a lid or plastic or something in there. i would have noticed a needle.

"The best people you will ever know are those who do not try and stop your tears, but let them flow onto their shoulder."

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"The best people you will ever know are those who do not try and stop your tears, but let them flow onto their shoulder."

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"The best people you will ever know are those who do not try and stop your tears, but let them flow onto their shoulder."

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