Cold as December’s breeze,
Scorching as July’s rays,
The heat from my heart will never be enough to brighten the darkest of your days.

Tough as stone that is battered by winds on desolate hills,
Delicate as the feather that falls from the bright blue skies,
The comfort of my arms will never be enough to chase away the sadness in your eyes.

Lonely as the wolf that wanders the woods at night,
Loved as the partner who brings home flowers as a surprise,
The insistence of my words that every cloud is indeed silver lined,
will never be enough to break through the darkness of your mind.

Empty as the barren wastelands of the wild,
Crowded as the mind that has no energy left to think,
The softness of my words will never be enough to convince you not to sink.

Heartbroken as those who have lost those they loved to the passing of time,
Happy as those who have fallen in love once more,
The insistence of my love will never be enough to convince you to accept every flaw.

Cruel as the voices in your head that are telling you you are not enough,
Many more there are out here who love you dearly, and know you are tough.


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I want to whisper soft words in your ear, like the breeze on a summer’s day that flicks your hair into your eyes.
But all I can hear is the anger of your tears as you flee further into despair, like the rain thundering down from the Gods themselves.

I want to tell you that you should never have to fear anything again,
that your life will be as beautiful as the smile on your face when you hear your favourite song on the radio.
But that would be a lie, because I know that your fear is deeper than the caverns of hell, and all your strength is spent on not falling into its fiery flames.

I want to tell you that I will devote every second I have to you.
But that too would be a lie, as there will be days, weeks, months, where I am too wrapped up in my own demons to remember that you need someone to help you destroy yours.

I want to tell you that one day you will see roses for their beauty and not for their thorns.
But I know that you have felt the sting of life far more than you have ever seen the beauty of the earth.

So I want to tell you that I will stand by your side through the rough seas and the stormy skies,
and tell you that the darkness can be lessened if you just open your eyes.


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"The sky’s enormity frightens you
And the ocean’s vastness is unnerving.
But it is here, with your feet planted on earth’s solid ground where you are truly, truly afraid."

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Never be ashamed of where you are now,
if it is not where you think you are meant to be.
Your time for glory will come my dear,
so be patient and withstand the dark nights,
like the sun waits for its time to shine.

Because this world will close a thousand doors in your face,
and you will have to try and kick down a thousand more,
before one even so much as creaks at its hinges.

Never let anyone tell you who you should or should not love.
Your heart is a cavern of hope,
and your body is a shield of steel,
strong enough to withstand endless enemy arrows.

Because you are filled with so much beauty and brilliance
that flows from your very core.
And though there are those who refuse to see the real you.
And though there are those who tell you you are not enough,
this is your chance to make sure their ignorance never rings true.

You are the wind in the sky and the leaves on the trees.
You are the birds in the morning and the stars shining at night.
You are everything you think you cannot be.
You are exactly who you were meant to be.


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"It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling— that really hollowed-out feeling."

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anyone want to swap heads? mine’s going into anxiety overdrive AND I HATE IT

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Taylor Swift - All Too Well
My favourite section of the song :)


Taylor Swift - All Too Well

My favourite section of the song :)

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— Pablo Neruda


— Pablo Neruda

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Nothing is as bright as the darkness.
When all you can see for miles is the midnight-black skies of despair, and the pit of the night is shining so bright that its inky darkness floods into your brain.
And now that is all you can see.

Nothing is as loud as silence.
When all you can hear is the complete and utter stillness of the world, so deafening are the voices that wail at your from inside your own head.
And now that is all you can hear.


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you did a great job surviving today. 

i’m proud of you. 

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"Whenever you’re going through a bad day, just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good."


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"Some days I won’t want to talk.
But please stay.
Kiss me.
Make my heart pound so loud it forces me to remember I’m alive.

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At 22 I realised that things had worked out exactly as they were always meant to, and I became who I always was.

At 21, I pretended to be someone I was not to please someone I did not even really know.

At 20 I was crawling through the darkness of my mind that nearly destroyed me at 19.

At 18 I was on top of the world, old enough to crave love, young and naïve enough to think that it would last forever.

At 17 I thought I knew what happiness was.

At 16 I thought it was being top of the class.

At 15 I realised that as a girl people expected certain things of you.

At 14 I thought that as a girl I should probably wear make up and shave my legs because that’s what girls did.

At 13 I realised I was a girl.

At 12 I hated having to wear a bra, and my period was the end of the world.

At 11 I still wanted to be a boy.

At 10 I thought I was a boy.

At 9
7 I looked like a boy.

At 6
3 life was the innocence of childhood, yet to discover, yet to imagine what delights and horrors it had to offer.

At 2
1 I nearly didn’t survive any further in this world.

At 0
the world opened its doors to me.


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